Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost Estimation Based on Extraction Classification

How do you estimate your potential wisdom teeth removal cost? The cost of removing wisdom teeth varies depending on a number of factors. It can be expensive, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Not everyone will have the same estimated wisdom teeth removal cost.

For a reliable estimate on how much a wisdom teeth extraction could cost you, you should speak to your dentist. However, if you’re interested in getting an estimate beforehand, this article will be able to guide you through the pricing of wisdom teeth extraction.

Four Factors in Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost Estimation

As we have stated, the cost of your wisdom teeth extraction will vary depending on the condition of your teeth and how long you’ve waited to have them removed. The more difficult the procedure could be, and the poorer the condition your teeth are in, the more you’re going to have to pay.

However, there are some wisdom teeth removal cost estimations that you can use. Here are four things you can consider to estimate the price of your extraction:

1. Removal of wisdom teeth with soft tissue impaction

If your wisdom teeth have soft tissue impaction, the price of removal will be around $225 to $400 per tooth.

The removal of wisdom teeth with soft tissue impaction requires incisions on your gum tissue. Afterwards the dentist will be able to remove the tooth and reposition the gum tissue back to where it was. Wisdom teeth removal with soft tissue impaction can be moderately difficult for a professional dentist.

2. Removal of wisdom teeth with partial bony impaction

If your wisdom teeth have some partial bony impaction, the removal cost will be a little higher, at around $275 to $475 per tooth.

Removing tissue with partial bony impaction is a little bit more difficult than just soft tissue impaction, as it is harder to cut and move around bone than soft gum tissue.

The dentist will have to perform incisions around the gum, as well as remove some of the bone connecting to the wisdom teeth before being able to remove the wisdom tooth and reposition the gums.

If you have partial bony impaction in your wisdom teeth we strongly suggest using a professional dentist or dental surgeon; a starting dentist might risk damaging your jaw.

3. Removal of wisdom teeth with fully bony impaction

Wisdom teeth removal with full bony impaction has the highest estimated wisdom teeth removal cost. Per tooth, you can estimate paying at least $325 to $500 per tooth.

The dentist will need to cut the wisdom tooth into several pieces after incising the gums, as the tooth will be very firmly attached to your jaw bone. The dentist will then reposition back into place.

A poorly done extraction with full bony impaction can have serious consequences for your dental health. Make sure your dentist is a professional.

4. Non-surgical wisdom teeth removal

If you haven’t waited too long to get your wisdom teeth removed, you’re in luck – your estimated wisdom teeth removal cost will be significantly lower. The estimated price of wisdom teeth extraction with no sort of impaction is between $110 and $220 per tooth. The actual cost will, of course, depend on your dentist and the area you live in.

Now that you understand a little bit more about wisdom teeth removal cost estimation, we hope you’ll be able to save enough money to remove your wisdom teeth before they start causing you serious problems.

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