Why the Cheapest Option Isn’t the Best Option for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Most people agree that wisdom teeth removal can be fairly expensive. Because of the prohibitive cost, many people seek out lower price options and seek out dental surgeons offering cheaper wisdom teeth removal surgery. Unfortunately, cheaper dental surgery is usually cheaper for a reason, and accepting low prices services could be dangerous. We strongly suggest making sure you’re not choosing your dental surgeon with your wallet instead of your head. Before choosing a cheap dental surgeon, it’s important to know the potential health consequences of a poorly done wisdom teeth extraction.

Two Major Consequences of Low Cost Wisdom Teeth Removal

Do you know that the nerves in your tooth connect to many different places inside your body, including your heart? Because of this, tooth extractions done poorly can be particularly risky.

Unfortunately many people are unaware of the potential consequences of mistakes made during wisdom teeth extraction. The price difference between a reputable oral surgeon and a less experienced one, or a student, can lure many into paying less for lower quality surgery.

Think twice before going with whoever offers the lowest cost service for your wisdom teeth removal. Two major consequences of a poorly done tooth extraction include:

1. Dry Socket

Dry socket typically occurs within the first few days after a tooth extraction. It is not a common problem, but the risk increases with less skilled surgeons. Dry socket is a very painful condition and can be debilitating. It can also leave a bad taste in your mouth and give you bad breath.

Dry socket happens when a blood clot doesn’t form properly or is dislodged from the location of the tooth extraction. The exposed nerves are extremely sensitive and susceptible to infection. Without the clot, you will also heal slower.

People who have all their wisdom teeth removed at once have an increased risk of dry socket. That’s why your dental surgeon needs to take extra care and precaution to avoid any problems and to go over safety rules with you after the surgery.

2. Nerve Damage

One of the causes of a high estimated wisdom teeth removal costs is because dentists need to ensure you don’t experience any significant side effects after extracting the tooth. The most potentially dangerous side effect is nerve damage.

Nerve damage is a serious consequence many people have to deal with after using cheap dental surgeons to have their wisdom teeth extracted to avoid paying “too much”. Nerve damage is a complex problem. People suffering from nerve damage experience numbness in their tongue, their lips, and even their chin. This occurs because there are nerves connecting your teeth to these parts of your mouth; damage to those nerves can inhibit your sensation in and around your face.

If you experience nerve damage it can be incredibly difficult to address – and you’ll end up paying a lot more on the back end; making searching for dentists with the cheapest wisdom teeth removal cost a potentially dangerous decision.

Between these two potential and probable consequences of poorly done wisdom teeth removal, do you still want to take your chances with a low wisdom teeth removal cost?

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