The Wisdom Tooth Impaction Category That Also Determine Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

Your estimated wisdom teeth removal cost will be determined largely by the positioning of impaction. However, there is one other thing you’ll need to consider when estimating your price.

The other thing you should consider is the category of impaction. Do you know what the impaction categories are for wisdom teeth? For those of you who haven’t learned about this yet, this article will explain what the categories are and how they impact the price of your estimated wisdom tooth extraction cost.

4 Impaction Categories That Determine Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

Besides considering the position of impaction, dentists will usually also consider the impaction category. Here are the four categories that can help determine your wisdom teeth removal cost:

1. Soft tissue impaction

The first category is called soft tissue impaction. Soft tissue impaction a condition where a small portion of your wisdom tooth is penetrating the bone, but the tooth hasn’t fully erupted from the gum tissue.

Wisdom teeth that fall in this category will need a minor surgical procedure to remove them.

2. Hard tissue impaction

As opposed to soft tissue impaction, hard tissue impaction means the entire wisdom tooth crown has erupted from the gum tissue and it is fully penetrating the bone beneath it.

For those of you struggling with hard impaction, you have one thing to look forward to: this type of extraction gets you the cheapest wisdom teeth removal cost estimate of all the conditions.

3. Partial bony impaction

Partial bony impaction is sometimes used intermittently with soft tissue impaction. Partial bony impaction is a condition where your wisdom tooth is penetrating the bone, but not fully erupted from the gum tissue. With this condition, your dentist will need to make an incision in the gum tissue to remove your tooth.

However, before your dentist removes your tooth, they will usually require an x-ray and a dental check-up first.

4. Full bony impaction

The most expensive estimated wisdom teeth removal cost comes from wisdom teeth with full bony impaction. Wisdom teeth with full bony impaction have fully penetrated the bone, but is still under the gum tissue.

The dentist will need to cut the wisdom tooth away from the jaw bone. The patient will need to have several dental check ups ahead of time so the dentist has a clear idea of what the geography of the tooth and bone look like.

Have you ever have problems understanding why your estimated wisdom teeth removal cost is so much different than what someone you know paid for theirs? Have you ever wondered why wisdom teeth removal always seems to be so expensive? Well, it’s actually expensive for a good reason – it’s very difficult to do. With this information, we hope you are able to understand why wisdom teeth extraction costs as much as it does – and we hope you understand why it’s necessary too!

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